More friends!

Gratitude List 20/11/2018

I am blessed to have been surrounded by friends my whole life. Some of these friendships have been very close and they remain that way now. I am still in touch with my school friends and have many friends from work. Despite this, only one or two of these friends have an idea of who I truly am.

What the fellowship has given me is a whole new group of friends – a blessing in itself, but these friends offer me so much.

Today I am grateful for all the friends I have in my life as a result of (a) being part of a fellowship and (b) working the recovery program. I now have:

– friends I can relate to.

– friends who offer me their support.

– friends I can rely on.

– friends I can learn from.

– friends I can trust.

– friends I can communicate with.

– friends I can be honest with.

– friends who can guide me.

– friends I can guide.

– friends I enjoy being with.

– friends for life.