Powerless is Powerful

Gratitude List 25/11/2018

As I sit on a delayed plane, trying to remain serene, it seems very appropriate for me to write about powerlessness. Before recovery, the very thought of being powerless over something didn’t really occur to me. Since working the program I’ve learnt so much, it’s no wonder it’s important admission lies within the very first step.

Today I am grateful for everything I have learnt about powerlessness.

– Although my actions and behaviors may have a bearing through the laws of attraction, I am simply powerless over people, places and things.

– There are many things I have no power over, no matter what I think or how hard I try.

– When I have tried to enforce my unwanted and not required power it has had little to zero success and nearly every time made things worse.

– Admitting I’m powerless over people has naturally meant I am less controlling and less coercive.

– Witnessing someone who is trying to enforce power when they are powerless is something I can relate but also something I don’t want to experience.

– There are many, many things more powerful than me. Whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

– Being powerless over something is not a weakness. It is a humble and courageous admission.

– A realisation of powerlessness was and is necessary for me to want help.

– Not accepting powerlessness can be a very harmful experience for all involved (including myself) and sometimes without me even realising it.

– There are a number of things about my own mind and my own body that I am powerless over.

– Ironically, admitting my powerlessness was the vital first step in becoming empowered. Anyone who believes in a greater power than themselves will be able to relate to this.

– ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’ Yes… a being, like the billions of others.

Barcelona, Spain.

Gratitude List

Gratitude List 24/11/2018

Today I am grateful for my current serenity. I say current because I know how quickly it can change.

Today I am grateful that my moments that are not so serene are still serene in comparison to my past.

Today I am grateful that I like to make others happy.

Today I am grateful that despite this, my happiness does not depend on anyone else’s.

Today I am grateful for progression. As long as I’ve worked the program I have continued to progress. That’s an exciting prospect.

Today I am grateful I am closer to being the person others always thought I was.

Today I am grateful, that although it’s not a financial problem, my finances have improved massively and I have become more responsible.

Today I am grateful that I live on a more level plane today. The highs and lows no longer resemble the Blackpool dipper.

Today I am grateful that although I see defects in others to which I am grateful I do not suffer, I am humble enough to not judge.

Today I am grateful for gratitude. I can’t believe for decades I thought and acted without it.

Today I am grateful for my greater power. Above everything the last couple years in recovery has given me, this is without a doubt the last thing I would give away. ‘May I do thy will always.’ My most important line in my prayers.