A Healthier Mind

Gratitude List 09/11/2018

Suppression was always my answer to dealing with life’s problems. I thought by doing so I would keep my happiness by not letting things bother me. I became very good at it too, I could surpress all types of emotions like grief, fear and hate. The problem was, no matter how far I pushed them to the back of my head, they regularly came to the front with a bang and were normally expressed through defects like self-pity, dishonesty and anger.

Today I am grateful I now choose to deal with things rather than let them fester in my mind.

Today I am grateful for the tools, wisdom and experience that allow me to do so.

Today I am grateful that all that was surpressed is slowly but surely being unlocked and released.

Today I am grateful for the lessons I have learnt and continue to learn by facing up to life’s challenges.

Today I am grateful for a mind that thinks less. Not because I don’t want to, but because there’s not much to think about.

Today I am grateful for the willing people in my life who are there to listen when something crops up.

Today I am grateful for a healthier mind.