Feeling good

Gratitude List 10/12/2018

How am I feeling? Pretty damn good in comparison to how I used to! When I think about it, I feel like a completely different person. How I felt in the past was both painful and harmful, no wonder surpression was an easy way out. I was mentally exhausted.

Today I am grateful my sanity has been restored. How I used to feel and think was on occasion like that of a mad man.

I am grateful for the level of serenity I experience on a daily basis. Even when I think my serenity has dipped, it’s nothing to how bad I know it can be.

I’m grateful for how little I think these days. No more conjuring of stories or coming up with dishonest or manipulative plans. No more washing machine on full spin.

I’m also grateful for how I feel about myself. No longer am I completely disappointed in myself. No longer do despise who I am. Today I like who I am and what I’m trying to do.

Today I am grateful my feelings are not dictated by fear and resentment. The program has taught me how best to deal with them and if connected how to avoid them altogether.

I am grateful for how others make me feel. From a place of limited knowledge, I now have a better understanding of tolerance, patience, consideration, forgiveness and love. As a result, today my feelings are less effected.

Today I am grateful I don’t suffer from the pressures of being in charge. I don’t want to feel the stress and I’m crap at it anyway. My greater power can gladly take over.

Lastly I am grateful I feel (through my greater power and recovery) strong, confident and powerful.