Dressed up regression

Gratitude List 18/12/2018

Progression – ‘the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state.’

The word progression is often used in recovery. It’s what I aim for.

Today I am grateful for what I have learnt about progression….

– ‘Progression not perfection’ is a common phrase and reminds me not to be harsh on myself when things don’t go as well as I hoped.

– It’s easy for me to use that same phrase as an excuse when in fact, if I am honest, I am actually regressing. ‘Regression not perfection’ doesn’t work!!

– Standing still or not developing is not progression.

– For me, ‘standing still’ and ‘not developing’ is dressed up regression. If I’m not slowly moving forward I am slowly and subtly moving backwards.

– Perfection will never be reached. That’s not a bad thing, it means there is no limit to my progression.

– When I reflect on my past, my progression is clear. One day at a time, it gives me hope for how much I could progress in the future.

– Progression requires consistent action.