Found the lessons

Gratitude List 19/12/2018

With regards to a particular situation, I really do not want to be where I am. Within this situation I find myself in a management role, a role I don’t want. I already fully admitted my life was unmanageable when I was in control, yet here I find myself in control of a difficult set of circumstances, and I am doing a poor job. I honestly try to let go and let God but I always seem to get dragged back in one way or another.

Today I am grateful for this learning experience. It’s been difficult to do so, but I think I have found the lessons.

Today I am grateful my greater power has challenged me in this way. Maybe I’m the best person for this role.

Today I am grateful I have a greater power to turn to. I need His help more than ever with this. I have faith that through His will, in time this situation will improve.

Today I am grateful I have a place whereby I seem to have a strong connection with my greater power. I’ll be heading there regularly.

Today I am grateful that this could be a lesson in responsibility and a way of making amends to the people I’ve harmed the most.

Today I am grateful that despite the difficulty, I am still handling this better than I ever did before. I would have made this so much worse. I am progressing.