Gratitude List 23/12/2018

Since the days of desperation, my illness is such that it tries to convince me it’s in hibernation, or gone altogether.

Today I am grateful for the reminders this evening gave me.

That my illness is still there and always will be.

That my illness is patient and will wait for as long as it takes for me to get complacent.

That my illness makes me forget.

That my illness does not sit around getting weaker during my abstinence. It’s out there doing press-ups.

That my illness manifests itself in many ways.

That my illness doesn’t watch Netflix.

That my illness is ready to harm me and the people I love.

That my illness knows no bottom.

That my illness doesn’t do half measures.

Author: gratitude4gratitude

A relative newbie to gratitude. Starting each day with a gratitude list sets me up for the day. This small effort starts a domino effect of positive action and subsequent serenity.

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