Gratitude List 24/12/2018

The reflection of the day spoke of the uncovering of ones serenity. I’m not sure when that uncovering happened for me. I pressume it was subtle and progressive as I worked the program. However, I do remember that lightbulb moment as I smiled and thought ‘wow, where did this peace of mind and happiness come from?’ I was genuinely happy, as I am still.

Today I am grateful for the fellowship for giving me my first taste of serenity.

For my fellows, especially ones that keep coming back week after week displaying serenity in the way they act, behave and speak. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For my sponsor and the 12 step recovery program. Together they progressively maintain and improve my serenity.

That my serenity does little to no harm to those around me. In contrast, like smiles, serenity through the law of attraction can be contagious.

That my serenity puts my mind and soul into a place whereby I can accept the things I cannot change. Without the serenity I would no doubt struggle.

For the suggestions and necessary action that keep my serenity topped up during the hours and hours between meetings.

That with serenity comes happiness, peace of mind, smiles, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, faith, connection, spirituality, calmness, love.

That serenity fills a void and protects it with it’s strength. A void that otherwise would be vulnerable to all types of defects.