What a gift

Gratitude List 02/01/2019

They say the present is a gift. How true this is. I’m beginning to see how much a gift it really is.

By being present I am practising mindfulness. I am more aware of where I am, what I am doing and what I am feeling. As a result I am also more aware of my characteristics (the good and the bad) and my connection with life.

There seems to be a link between being present and getting things done, I tend to procrastinate less. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe it’s the simple fact of living in the moment. When I procrastinate I delay doing something over a period of time – if I’m not living in these moments then how can I do something?

Being present means by default I will (a) not project into the unknown future, and (b) not dwell in the pains of the past. I can’t do two things at once and I choose the present.

‘…. especially I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful….’ There’s so much beauty in the world, from trees and flowers to smiles and laughter. I simply miss it all when I’m not living in the present.

Whilst in the present I get a full picture of what I have. My health, my circumstances, my happiness, my life. I just need to open my gift and see what’s inside. What is guaranteed is an abundance of gratitude.

I also tend to see the good in people. Someone could be displaying defects, but staying present and not letting my mind go off on a tangent, I can remind myself of their qualities and consider why they maybe behaving in such a way.

With all of these benefits of being present there is little doubt to why I feel so serene when I am. My mind and spirit are at peace.


First Page

Gratitude List 01/01/2019

Today is the first page of a new book. Let’s write a good one.

Today I am grateful for my current motivation to continue from where 2018 took me. It’s a beautiful feeling to have faith in progression.

Today I am grateful for unity. I will endeavour to improve my connection with other fellows and continue to attend as many meetings as possible.

Today I am grateful for the service positions I have. Service is such an important pillar to my recovery. I’m looking forward to some new positions.

Today I am grateful for my recovery program. I am grateful for the suggestions and step work I get to do on a daily basis. I’m currently inspired to work and act harder.

Today I am grateful for all the opportunities that may come my way. The last couple of years have taught me how to take them and proved to me that change is possible.

Today I am grateful for my purpose in life – to spread love and good will to all through being the best person I can possibly be, and to pass on the message of recovery to as many people as I can.