3 years ago

Gratitude List 11/01/2019

Three years ago my girlfriend and I were preparing to move in together for the first time. I was also knee… no neck deep in a relapse. What should have been an exciting prospect was stressful, extremely fearful and zero fun. Three years on and my now fiancée and I are on the move again.

Today I am grateful that this time coincides with abstinence and recovery.

Today I am grateful I am not sweating over the credit checks and where the deposit money will come from.

Today I am grateful there’s no need to intercept the postman with the final gas, electricity, water and council tax bills.

Today I am grateful I have nothing to hide. I get to enjoy this move. I’m genuinely excited about it.

Today I am grateful for the fellowship and how it opened up possibilities like this.

Today I am grateful for the recovery program that made these dreams reality.

Today I am grateful I put my recovery ahead of my dreams.

Today I am grateful for the hope recovery gives me. For a good two decades I did my best to ruin the rest of my life. In a little over two years recovery has given my life back. I don’t want my addiction to steal it back so I’m more than happy to put in the required effort for the rest of my life. Its easy for me to see recovery in others but examples like this prove to me how far I’ve come.

Most of all I am grateful that I go into this move with no fear for our relationship. I do not fear her unhappiness, I do not fear mine, I do not fear letting her down, I do not fear us arguing all the time, I do not fear wrecking her life, I do not fear her leaving me, I do not fear me leaving her, I do not fear for our future. Through recovery my relationships have become stronger, closer and more loving.


Author: gratitude4gratitude

A relative newbie to gratitude. Starting each day with a gratitude list sets me up for the day. This small effort starts a domino effect of positive action and subsequent serenity.

2 thoughts on “3 years ago”

  1. Dear G, it’s been a while I commented on your posts. I am actually on a hibernation as I close the 3rd chapter of my life. Just wanted to wish you so so much gusto. I mean will it be a double high five? Hope to see you even for a split second in March hurray

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