Gratitude List 13/03/2019: Slow down!!

Gratitude List 13/03/2019

Yesterday morning I suddenly realised how impatient I was being. I was undertaking a somewhat innocuous task at the time. From this rather humorous moment I told myself I would make an effort to be more patient for the rest of the day. By doing so, I learnt I am very often in a rush, and for most of the time I have absolutely nothing to rush for.

Today I am grateful I let the microwave reach zero seconds before I took my breakfast out.

Today I am grateful I chewed my food sufficiently before I lifted the spoon again.

Today I am grateful I washed my hands properly.

Today I am grateful I dried my hands completely before wiping them on my jeans.

Today I am grateful I didn’t step into the road just to pass someone ahead of me.

Today I am grateful I waited for the green man.

Today I am grateful I checked the tyre pressures.

Today I am grateful I pulled into the gap and let a car past.

Today I am grateful I undone my laces before I slipped my shoes off.

These aren’t necessarily bad moments, but it did make me chuckle how often I’m impatient. And I do the same things almost everyday. As the day went on, as I resisted the short cuts, I did feel more serene and more present. It occured to me – how can I enjoy the present moment if I’m always eager to move onto the next? Furthermore, my impatience can manifest itself in ways that aren’t so humourous. I’m grateful for this awareness and the tools I have to help me rid myself of them.