Gratitude List 14/03/2019: The world WAS my ego’s oyster.

Gratitude List 14/03/2019

Filling the void is easier said than done. But every time I successfully fill it with something positive, especially when temptation wants to take me in the opposite direction, I am very grateful. I’m grateful because I feel great afterwards instead of feeling crap. I know I’ve reflected on this before, but yesterday it happened again.

After work I had a little under 2 hours to myself before my girlfriend came home. Out of nowhere, my mind began to fill with all the things I could do and none were positive – eat junk food, watch trash TV, watch pornography, flick through social media – the world was my ego’s oyster.

Today I am grateful I did something I could have easily procrastinated until the following day. It needed to be done and now it doesn’t.

Today I am grateful I walked home from the station instead of getting on the bus. This gave me time to reflect on my day, clear my mind and appreciate my surroundings.

Today I am grateful I called and connected with fellows. The timing of a call back inspired me to walk past the chippy. No such thing as coincidence!

Today I am grateful I I put the washing away. A job I dislike a lot. But I did it with no expectation of a thank you. It did go unnoticed and I’m happy about that.

Today I am grateful I sat in the garden and meditated. It felt great to switch off and improve my conscious contact with my greater power.

Today I am grateful I prepared dinner for when my girlfriend got home. Cooking is something I love. I’m no chef but enjoy it, especially cooking for others.

Today I am grateful that before I knew it the void had passed. The success of filling this void will add to the strength I need for next time.

Today I am grateful my girlfriend came home to a spiritually well boyfriend and not one, who because of his misdemeanours, would have been feeling low and very touchy if he was questioned about it.