Gratitude List 27/03/2019: Self-love

Gratitude List 27/03/2019

Self-love – regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

Good morning all. Presently, I am looking after myself – mentally, physically and spiritually and it feels good. I say presently, because I know through a lifetime’s worth of experience how easily it can change. The difference today is I have some tools which I believe can prolong and also enhance this feeling of self-love.

Today I am grateful I am currently eating better. I’ve come to realise how much and how badly I eat in between meals and how insane my thinking can be around it all. Today is just my 9th day abstinent from snacking but I feel so much better for it. I am also aware of trying to fill my body with decent, nutritious food (and drink) that is good for me.

Today I am grateful I am growing spiritually. Whether it be through prayer and meditation, reading inspirational literature or the practicing of spiritual principles like honesty, kindness and love. By doing so I am filling my mind with peace, happiness, gratitude and serenity as well as improving my conscious contact with God as I understand Him.

Today I am grateful I have the willingness to learn. I want to learn something new, like a new language. I fully admit I haven’t properly started yet and it’s all words no action but at least the desire is there. What I am doing on a daily basis is remaining teachable. Life is a daily education and today I am open to learn from both the ups and the downs.

Today I am grateful I have started to exercise a little more. I am conscious of the need to remain active, even if its getting off my chair and walking around a bit, walking up the escalators or doing a bit of gardening. I’ve gone back to the gym but I need to get back for the second time before I lose momentum – I know what I’m like!

Today I am grateful I have started to look after my health by getting myself to the doctor when I need to. In the past I would surpress my fears and simply hope the pain or discomfort would go away. Today I am more willing to get the professional help I need. Next up, the dentist!

Today I am grateful I choose to look becomingly. Well, I wouldn’t say I took too much care at 5:30 this morning but I and my clothes are at the very least washed and clean. I still need to take the time to sort out my crazy hair but it’s a far cry from the dishevelled look I used to grace the world with!

Today I am grateful I am filling the voids of my day with positive action. No longer am I wasting time doing s**t (sorry couldn’t think of a more appropriate word) that does nothing for my personal growth. I have a busy life so these moments are precious to me.

Today I am grateful that if I was to dissect myself right now I’d like to think my body is predominantly full of goodness. Goodness in terms of my mentality, my physicality and my spirituality.