Gratitude List 05/04/2019: Beautiful People

Gratitude List 05/04/2019

With all the negative publicity it’s easy to forget there’s so much good in this world. I’ve spent most of the morning on public transport which can be a testing time in the London rush hour. But today I am grateful to be seeing the good, especially in people.

Today I am grateful for the lovely family we share a commute with almost on a daily basis. The three children are adorable and well behaved. Always by their side, their mother, who you can tell is doing an amazing job.

Today I am grateful for the crowdful of people that accepted the queue into Seven Sisters for what it is – a time to show patience.

Today I am grateful for the tube driver who took the time at each station to personally announce the stop and wish everyone ‘a great day’.

Today I am grateful for the man (who could quite easily be stereotyped in a negative way) that continuously offered his seat up to people less able.

Today I am grateful for the busker at Kings Cross who shared his passion for music. He was having a great time jamming with his accordion!

Today I am grateful for the member of staff at the hospital who enthusiastically bounced through the waiting room carrying a tin with what I can only assume had a home baked cake inside.

Today I am grateful for the lady who held the door open for us. We weren’t exactly close behind her but she held it nevertheless. The simple things.

Today I am grateful for the platform speaker at London Bridge (yes TFL again!) who made everyone smile with his unique way of telling people to ‘mind the doors’.

Today I am grateful for my colleague at work who is absolutely nuts! 100 miles an hour! 25 hours a day! But he’s always got a smile on his face! He may not love his job, but he loves life!