Gratitude List 07/04/2019: A lovely Sunday

Gratitude List 07/04/2019

I’ve just sat down! Today, I have constantly been on my feet. But I have loved every minute of it!

Today I am grateful I enjoy entertaining. There’s nothing I like more than cooking for everyone.

Today I am grateful the weather was just about worthy of a bbq!

Today I am grateful for having a garden. Something I haven’t had since I was a child. Something I cherish.

Today I am grateful for our home which turned out to be a lovely venue. Despite the extra rooms we all congregated into one!

Today I am grateful for everyone who turned up. No matter how much preparation is done, it’s the people that make a difference.

Today I am grateful for the help of my girlfriend. She is an amazing host and I’m proud to be with her.

Today I am grateful for my kids who are absolute delights. Sometimes I can get wrapped up in trying so hard to see them succeed. This weekend I decided to let go and let them be.

Today I am grateful that my children enjoy staying with us. I know it’s not always the case in our situation.

Today I am grateful for my son, who despite in many ways he can be a stereo typical teenager, he has so many positives and I am very lucky.

Today I am grateful for all the food and drink we had to enjoy. I cannot forget how much of a blessing this is.

Today I am grateful I am doing this list. I could so easily have a nap or put on the TV and relax, but I know how important this is for me and my happiness.