Gratitude List 26/04/2019: The late stages.

Gratitude List 26/04/2019

“In the late stages of our drinking, the will to resist has fled. Yet when we admit complete defeat and when we become entirely ready to try A.A. principles, our obsession leaves us and we enter a new dimension—freedom under God as we understand Him.”

— AS BILL SEES IT, p. 283

Today I am grateful I haven’t forgotten the late stages of my addiction and how my will to resist was non-existent. There was no fight.

Today I am grateful the late stages led to my own admission of complete defeat. To admit my complete powerlessness and completely surrender.

Today I am grateful my surrender led to me being entirely ready to try the principles. Principles that had worked for thousands of others. I had tried everything in my own power and nothing had worked. I had to try something completely different, something I was uncomfortable with.

Today I am grateful that by doing so my obsession left me. Almost like a switch, the principles worked instantly.

Today I am grateful that these principles led to spiritual growth, which for me was like entering a new dimension.

Today I am grateful that upon entering this dimension I found my very first understanding of God. I went from a cynic to someone willing, an agnostic to a believer, a believer to someone with faith.

Today I am grateful my understanding of God is mine and mine alone. I can choose my own. As long as it’s greater than me – I have a big choice!

Today I am grateful that under God I too found freedom. Freedom from my obsession. Freedom from my insanity. Freedom from my self.

Today I am grateful that Bill wasn’t scared to use the words ‘we’ and ‘our’. He was the voice of thousands who shared a common solution.