Gratitude List 15/06/2019

Gratitude List 15/06/2019

Another weekend and another opportunity to sit in the garden and enjoy what is beautiful. So what is beautiful today?

Today I am grateful for some fresh blooms. It really is a garden full of surprises. It’s lucky I procrastinated the gardening, otherwise I would’ve no doubt pulled these out thinking they’re weeds.

Today I am grateful for another species of bird to come to the feeders. This morning was the first time I saw Starlings, both male and female. Gorgeous colours.

Today I am grateful for the busy bees who are constantly in and out the flowers, pollenating and doing their bit for life. Absolutely gorgeous creatures.

Today I am grateful for the zebra patterned snail currently residing in the apple tree. Amazing colours. How he got head height is a wonder.

Today I am grateful for the family of squirrels. A while ago, we could see the female was pregnant. Now we have two rascals running around. Costing me a fortune in peanuts, but I love it.

Today I am grateful for the sparrows who have made home in the neighbours brick work. If we’re lucky we get to see them bring food to awaiting chicks gaping mouth.

Today I am grateful we got see a male woodpigeon attract a female. It was like our very own Planet Earth, watching him walk, jump, walk, jump and then proceed to complete a bow and puff the chest combo.

Today I am grateful for the clouds amongst the blue skies. They themselves are an absolute sensation to watch – so peaceful. The glimpses of sun just radiate the colours before me.

Today I am grateful for this garden. So many don’t have a home, let alone a garden. I’m also grateful for all the greenspace available to me, which have served me well when I wasn’t blessed with my own space.

Today I am grateful for my eyes, ears and nose. With these I am able to fully appreciate this beauty if I take the time to do it.