Going forward

Gratitude List 13/03/2018

Today I am grateful for the positive cycle I am currently in. This is not always the case, there are many days where I am going in reverse, slipping into the defects that I am clinging onto. Why am I in a good space at the moment? Simple. I have let go and allowed my ‘self’ to be guided.

For my desire to improve as a person. A desire resulted from some sincere, humbling admissions.

For the positive effects my changes will have on those around me.

For honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. I’d be lost without them.

For the beauty that surrounds me. I just need to stop and take notice. Whether it be nature, people, art or love.

The courage to change (if possible) the cycle when my self-will has taken over or I’m met with one of life’s many obstacles.

The serenity to acceptance the things I cannot change.

The wisdom to know when to apply courage and when to apply acceptance. It feels like a fine line. I have faith that in time it will become clearer.

The time and effort I am currently willing to put in. I definitely get out what I put in.

All the inspiring and motivating literature. Whether it be books, quotes or blogs. They all add to my positivity – only if I take the time to read them.

The knowledge that the serenity I seek is within me.

Some simple daily suggestions that were given to me freely by someone who is also turning his life around.

The growing comfort (lack of awkwardness) I have when I pray or attempt to meditate. I spent 99% of my life not doing either so this was never going to be straightforward. But as I practice, as my humility grows, as I experience the subsequent serenity, it is getting better and I have faith it will continue to do so.

Radio Me

Gratitude List 12/03/2018

This morning, as I do every morning, I woke up tuned into Radio Me. This channel wants ‘me’ to get up when ‘I’ want to, go out into ‘my’ world and run the show the way ‘I’ think it should be run. Thankfully, yesterday was a serene day. A day where I thought of ‘others’, a day where my higher power and I connected, a day that finished with a sincere prayer for ‘others’. And as a result it helped me quickly retune this morning and change the path of my day. I have this opportunity every morning. Some mornings are harder than others. Today I have gratitude for the lessons I have learnt from those more difficult mornings.

The simple notion of ‘I learn from mistakes’.

It is possible to change the direction of my day (my life). If not in the morning, I can do it at any moment of the day.

Some simple daily suggestions given to me freely, that allow ‘me’ to tune into Radio We.

That these simple suggestions have been proven to work for thousands of others.

The first good step. Whether it be prayer, a reading, a gratitude list or doing something for someone else.

That one good step leads to another. A domino effect. A positive cycle.

That I am ready to go out today and be the best person I can possibly be.

That those around me much prefer listening to this new channel.

Choose a beautiful path.

No pondering needed

Gratitude List 11/03/2018

It’s Mother’s Day – a day when the subject of my gratitude list needs no pondering.

Today I am eternally grateful for….

The time I had with her and the relationship we had.

Her love and kindness. Wow, she had sooooo much to offer. It’s quite overwhelming when I think about it. She loved her family so much…. I can actually still feel it now.

Her tolerance and forgiveness. What an incredibly strong person.

The role model she was and continues to be. I see her strengths in me and for that I am truly grateful. I have her nose too!

The fact she made ‘Sunday Roasts’ on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays too! And I used to complain!

Her cuddles. In my mid-late twenties I was still at child at heart and still loved a cuddle. My poor mum!

The fond memories I have. Some real beautiful moments. I can still see her smile.

That her memory still brings our family together. Not just today. Everyday. She’s still the glue that bonds us together.

That I still feel my mum’s presence. Around me and within me.

Blankets, Duvets and Pillows

Gratitude List 10/03/2018

As I watch my daughter and her friend make camp in our living room with blankets, duvets and pillows, I am reminded of my childhood. Especially the early years when such things brought me so much joy. Although, I’ve yet to see my daughter hop, skip and jump from pillow to pillow avoiding the lava below! This I will have to rectify! 😊👍So, today I am grateful for the memory of….

Those camps in the living room which were surrounded by a pit of lava!

My younger brother for partaking with the same level of enthusiasm. My elder sisters and mum for helping to set up, take down and tidy away.

The park at the back of our garden. During the holidays I think I played football there with a large group of friends every single day!

Having made so many friends in the area. Some of which I still see today.

My mum’s bread pudding, daily roast dinners, chocolate and cherry gâteux and eggy bread.

All the big family holidays to Cornwall. Felt like we went there every year and I think we stayed in every Cornish town 😊

I think it was officially called Stock Car Racing but I will always know it as Banger Racing!!! Great fun and very fond memories of my Dad.

My red BMX. I can picture it so vividly. Funny how I can’t remember the skateboard which led me to breaking my arm!

My Primary School – my friends, the teachers (the nice ones and the strict one), the caretaker, the girl who brought Hubba Bubba for everyone, the trips, the lifts in, the walks home, …. kiss chase!

I really could go on and on with this list but I will stop with this one….

How can I not include The Karate Kid, The Goonies, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Weird Science, Jason And The Argonauts, Jaws, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, and not forgetting unforgettable TV shows like Thundercats, He-Man, Dungeons and Dragons, Mr Ben, Button Moon… I better stop haha!

What childhood memories are you grateful for?