Fit For a King

Gratitude List 24/02/2018

An amazing day in rural Catalonia. Traditional food cooked in a traditional way on a farm with a mountainous backdrop. Bliss.

Cool but beautiful weather.

A feast fit for a King. Enjoyed with beautiful and incredibly generous people.

Knowing we can come back and visit again and again and again.

Aeroplanes. Its still seems a miracle to me that they get off the floor!!!

My girlfriend’s open-mindedness and willingness to change.

Central heating, we had one day without it. It wasn’t even that cold but it was cold enough to make it uncomfortable.

Farmers and the hard work they put in to provide food on our table.

A week without TV. Its amazing what can be achieved without the distractions.

Music and the attached memories.


Gratitude List 23/02/2018

Gratitude for the sound of waves.

Gratitude to the sea and its tranquility and vastness.

Gratitude for the sun reflecting off the water. So beautiful.

Gratitude for mountains. I am often in awe when I look up at them or down from them.

Gratitude to places of worship. There’s so much belief, faith, serenity, hope and strength for me to draw upon.

Gratitude for the serenity I have today and the positivity and opportunities that come with it. There’s so much I can’t do without it.

Gratitude for good food. Plentiful is an understatement. Like my girlfriend says ‘I don’t (or physically can’t) snack in between.

Gratitude for being treated so well by my girlfriend’s family. They’re super friendly hosts and very welcoming.

Gratitude for being present (physically and mentally) and supporting my girlfriend when she needs it. Work it, she’s worth it.

Gratitude for my phone which enables me to call my children every day. I miss them dearly.

Seeing things clearly….

Gratitude List 21/02/2018

Gratitude for having an abundance of support available for me to reach out to.

Gratitude for having the serenity and courage to reach out.

Gratitude for the contact I had in return.

Gratitude that I was honest.

Gratitude that I am open-minded.

Gratitude that I am at the very least willing.

Gratitude for the opportunities to connect with my higher power.

Gratitude that I am finally seeing things clearly.

Gratitude that I have worked on my resentments.


Gratitude List 20/02/2018

Gratitude for instantly recognising and admitting I was wrong.

Gratitude for the short lived self pity and self justification.

Gratitude for being able to feel remorse.

Gratitude for saying sorry with sincerity and without delay.

Gratitude for how it positively changed the mood of all involved – including myself.

Gratitude for having the serenity to say it in the first place.

Gratitude that serenity gave me the acceptance, courage and wisdom.

Gratitude for the flow of happiness that followed.

Gratitude for the reminder that ‘…. they may be hurt but today I will not show it.’

Gratitude for yet another learning curve.