A Grateful Sardine

Gratitude List 06/03/2018

After practicing gratitude for over a year now, I have realised I can find gratitude in pretty much any given situation. For example I am now writing this list whilst squashed like a sardine on a tube in London’s rush hour. The old me would have been irritated, frustrated, uncomfortable and pissed that I couldn’t sit down! Right now, I have gratitude in having the time to write this list which in turn keeps me serene, I appreciate the smiles on people’s faces – even if it is just a few and I am grateful for how comfortable I am – it could be a lot worse. I am even grateful for those who are sitting down – good for them! I also have huge gratitude for my freedom, free to move where I want, when I want, how I want, to see and do what I want. I haven’t even mentioned the simple things like being alive, healthy, sane(ish), secure and safe.

So, today I am truly grateful for having the ability to find gratitude in….

Uncomfortable situations.

During difficulty.

When in self pity mode.

Criticism and judgement.

In my mistakes.

In my past.

In my resentments.

In my fears.

In anyone.

In myself.

Lucky Man

Gratitude List 05/03/2018

For a lovely weekend with the people I love the most.

For how my girlfriend and daughter laugh together. And their innocent faces when they’re up to something!

For how my son looks up to my girlfriend. He’s always showing her new videos, jokes etc. It’s a lovely thing to witness.

For how much my daughter still loves a cuddle. The warmth of her touch. She’s so loving.

For my son revising for a few hours. It can take a lot of pursuasion. He takes too much after his dad!

For how my daughter always brings up our ‘3 Gratitudes’ at dinnertime.

That my son and daughter’s first question when I see them is to ask when my girlfriend is getting home.

For our up and coming summer holiday together. A week in the Lake District has been booked.

That my relationship with my kids has got better since being with my girlfriend.

The relationship that we have. I feel very lucky. We are a family. ❤️


Gratitude List 02/03/2018

That change in people is possible. IT IS!! Up until last year I was adamant this was not the case.

Witnessing change in others. Without it, I would never have believed it.

That my belief has turned into faith. This was done by seeing and feeling my own changes.

The positive consequences of change.

That my own changes can serve as an attraction to those around me.

That change thus far has been fairly simple. All I needed was honesty, open-mindedness, willingness and to make an effort.

The confidence and excitement that further change is to come. Change is progressive and therefore ongoing.

That change is a daily opportunity.

That change is a choice. My choice.

My desire to change.


Gratitude List 01/03/2018

Huge gratitude to the people around me. If I am not blinkered by my ego, I can take something positive from every single person I interact with.

Their inspiration and motivation.

Their guidance and direction.

Their knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Their smile, their laughter, their positivity and that extra bounce in their step.

Their confidence and hope.

Their recovery.

Their criticism and honesty.

Their warmth, kindness and love.

Their understanding, support and effort.

Their rights and their wrongs.

Their strengths and their weaknesses.

Their words and their actions.

Their time.

A Beautiful Contrast

Gratitude List 28/02/2018

The beauty of the settled snow and warming sun this morning.

That the gritters were out during the night.

That the buses are running this morning.

The joy on children’s faces.

That I didn’t fall over!!

The silence of a snow flurry.

That I am able to enjoy the snow.

That the sun’s heat will melt the snow away for those who suffer.

I Choose Happiness

Gratitude List 27/02/2018

The choice to tell someone I love them.

The choice not to join in with the banter.

The choice to ask someone how they are doing and then properly listen to their answer.

The choice to not criticise.

The choice to tell someone they have done well.

The choice not to judge.

The choice to tell someone they look well.

The choice to focus on the positives.

The choice to do something for someone – without them asking.

The choice to be unconditionally nice no matter what.

The choice to work on my ‘self’.