Gratitude to this furry ball of joy! 

Soooooo lucky! 

Last night my girlfriend said something very loving about my children. In essence she said she appreciates and treasures every second she has with them. I cannot put into words what this meant to me. The below list is my best effort. 
Gratitude List 08/02/2018

That I am truly blessed with the loving relationship they have. 

The fun they have.

The special moments they share. 

My girlfriend’s patience and tolerance.

The complete trust I have when I’m not around.

The positive effect they have on each other.

The smiles on their faces when they know my girlfriend is on her way home from work.

The time I get to be with them.

The love I have for them.

How lucky I am. 

Positive Influence 

Gratitude List… 

Appreciation etc etc etc.

Huge gratitude to all the people who have shown these qualities towards me at some point in my life. I’m sure at certain points I have really tested and pushed people to breaking point. I am grateful that I am now recognising the diligent effort made by others. In turn, these shows of strength have helped inspire me to exercise these positive characteristics myself.

I am 100% certain that none of the above would be the case had it not been for the dethroning of me (the ruler of the universe) and my  monumental ego! 


Gratitude List 05/02/2018 

To my amazing girlfriend who is unbelievably supportive, understanding and loving.

To my amazing children who are so happy and also very loving.

That through practicing gratitude (amongst further action) I am slowly improving as a person.

 That I am not alone. Or feeling alone.

That I currently have no significant resentments or fears.

That I am no longer ashamed of myself and my actions. But instead proud.

For my job. There are many out there that don’t have one. And I enjoy it too!

For the snippets of blue sky and sunshine.

For my warm coat in this cold weather.

For my life as it is today. It was so close to being far, far worse. 

World Cancer Day

Gratitude List 04/02/2018 (World Cancer Day)

To charities.

To those who have created them. The initial inspiration and dedication has come from somewhere.

To those who help run and organise events for them.

To those who give up their time to volunteer.

To those who support them with donations.

To those who support them by buying from their shops.

To those who raise money by participating in events.

To those who come up with weird and wonderful ways of raising money.

To those who put the money to good use. Those who conduct valuable research or implement the goals of the respective charities.

To those who wake up everyday wanting to make a difference.