Smiles Better 

Gratitude List 03/02/2018















A deep gratitude to the many things that make me happy. A smile is a symptom of happiness. Nothing is more contagious than a smile, happiness can breed happiness. Pay it forward everyone. 


My Great Expectations 

Gratitude List 02/02/2018 

The courage to accept I sometimes need help and support. I used to view this as a sign of weakness.

That I have learnt to let go of my great expectations of others.

The honest, humble acceptance of who I am and what I need to do to maintain my happiness.

My growing confidence and self esteem.

That I am currently physically well.

That my current spiritual well-being has never been better.

My open-mindedness to be willing.

My willingness to be open-minded. 

That I am comfortable to get on my knees and pray or sit on a park bench and meditate. (a year ago I would have laughed at the mere thought!)

The hope I have for the future.


Gratitude List 01/02/2018

For dropping off and picking up my children from school. A favourite part of the day.

To both my parents who I remember doing the same for me. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I do.

Reading to my daughter at bed time. Next up – Prisoner of Azkaban!

The shared interests I have with my teenage son and the fact he’s still happy to be seen in public with me!

My girlfriend’s tolerance, understanding, willingness, open-mindedness, support, care and love.

The fact that my amazing girlfriend is looking after my amazing children while I work. Amazing!

My amazing family. We are all very close. And close-by too. Countless great memories.

The text message I received from my dad and the ‘x’ at the end. When I think about it, this means a lot.

The belief that my mum is looking down with some pride. It hasn’t always been the case.