Gratitude List 17/04/2019: In God’s hands

Gratitude List 17/04/2019

A certain part of my present life (like most of it) is quite simply in God’s hands. Today I am grateful it is. I have done what I can, there is no further action to take. I have changed the things I can and accepted the the things I cannot. Now it’s up to powers beyond my control. In the past I would have felt helpless, feared the unknown and acted un-accordingly. Today I have faith in what will be will be.

Today I am grateful to not be in control.

Today I am grateful I have faith in what is.

Gratitude List 01/04/2019: The simple truth

Gratitude List 01/04/2019

Today I am grateful I accept my addiction for what it is – an illness. Just like some other illnesses, my addiction can never be cured. It will never go away. I have it for life. It will never ease in its potency, instead it will progressively get worse. Will-power alone will never overpower my illness (No matter how hard I try). My illness can and has lead others to insanity, prison and death.


Today I am also grateful there is a solution. A solution that requires diligent effort, but a solution that works. A solution that is watertight. No matter how much my illness progresses, the solution will always be stronger – as long as I work it. How much do I want it? Am I worth it? Damn right I am. Thankfully, within the solution are powers greater than myself, powers stronger than my illness. Powers that can arrest the incurable on a day-to-day basis. Powers that I can rely on if I honestly and humbly seek them. Powers that enable me to live a happy and joyous life despite of my illness. A solution that has worked for thousands and thousands of others. My illness does not need to be cured – I do!

Gratitude List 30/03/2019: A Fantastic day so far

Gratitude List 30/03/2019

Today I am grateful to wake up on this beautiful morning. The sun is out and the birds are loving it. So am I.

Today I am grateful to hear the sound of my daughter’s footsteps coming down the stairs. Or should I say stomping!

Today I am grateful for the courage my girlfriend has shown. She is inspirational.

Today I am grateful my son is developing into a fine young man. He has many qualities I am striving for myself.

Today I am grateful we sat down together at the table for breakfast. Absolutely love these family moments.

Today I am grateful for the time I get to spend with the people I love. I appreciate every single second.

Today I am grateful for their lives, health, safety, security and love.

Today I am grateful for smiling and laughing so much today. Great company, great weather, great fun.

Today I am grateful I have just been offered a ticket for the second test match at the new Spurs ground.

Today I am grateful I live just 20 minutes away….. And that I have a very understanding girlfriend!!

Amazing new stadium!

Bbq time!

Gratitude List 19/03/2019: whack-a-mole

Gratitude List 19/03/2019

‘It’s like whack-a-mole’

Someone said that this evening and I can relate so much! It seems that as soon as I knock one thing on the head, another one pops up! And another! And another! To be honest, I am not complaining. It’s a game I am happy to play all my life because it will keep me on my toes and keep me improving as a person.

Today I am grateful I took another leap of faith.

Today I am grateful I took another first step in the right direction.

Today I am grateful for the unity and the similarities.

Today I am grateful for the friendly face.

Today I am grateful I could share my pain.

Today I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom.

Today I am grateful it felt good.

Today I am grateful I am honest enough to admit it didn’t feel great.

Today I am grateful I am willing to give it a chance anyway.

Today I am grateful for my current strength.

Gratitude List 08/03/2019: Unity

Gratitude List 08/03/2019


From the moment I first stepped into the rooms, I have always been grateful for Unity. And experiencing nights like last night, only makes me realise further how lucky I am to have it in my life.

Today I am grateful for the magic of Unity. I don’t know how it works and to be honest I don’t care. All I need to know is it does. Unity has a power greater than I ever was, am or will be.

Today I am grateful to see Unity work its miracle in others. Witnessing it’s power enhances my faith in it.

Today I am grateful that Unity not only gives me a power over my compulsions, it also gives me serenity, acceptance, courage, wisdom, inspiration, motivation, love, joy, hope and a big smile on my chops.

Today I am grateful for the simple meaning of Unity – ‘the state of being united or joined as a whole’. The saying ‘I can’t, we can’ comes to mind.

Today I am grateful for the creation of the traditions which provide us with our Unity Program. Traditions that protect the very Unity they create.

Today I am grateful that Unity led me to Service and Recovery. The three pillars to the solution which have turned my life around.

Today I am grateful that Unity has a part to play in all the groups I am part of. Whether it be fellows, friends, family, colleagues or my community. I can play my part in each.

Today I am grateful for all the people who practice Unity day in, day out for years on end. If they didn’t, nor would I. It’s that simple. There are some who have simply kept Unity alive.

Today I am grateful I enjoy Uniting and I’m looking to experience some more Unity very soon.

Gratitude List 27/02/2019: Definition of a Mature Person Part Three

Gratitude List 27/02/2019

Definition of an Mature Person Part 3 (see part 1 and part 2)

10. We can endure defeat and disappointment without whining or complaining?

Today I am grateful the most positive thing about enduring defeat is I rarely feel defeated. Not in an arrogant ‘I never lose’ way, because I don’t win much either. Plus my football team often get defeated when I don’t expect them too! What I mean is I rarely whine or complain and if I do it doesn’t last long. Wow it used to so different!

11. We do not worry unduly about things that cannot be helped?

Today I am grateful I don’t worry for the right reasons. Before, I didn’t worry about things because I utilised surpression instead, I didn’t have the strength to cope with life’s challenges. Today, I don’t worry because of acceptance. I do my upmost to accept the things I cannot change. I do my best to accept life on life’s terms.

12. We are not given to boasting or “showing off in socially unacceptable ways?

Today I am grateful this has hugely improved. I still occasionally feed my ego and join in with unhealthy banter or gossip, but I do try not too. My boasting has been cut down and replaced with humbleness. I used to crave recognition for everything from everyone. Today I find myself giving praise to others.

13. We are honestly glad when others enjoy success or good fortune. We have outgrown envy and jealousy?

Today I am grateful I do enjoy it when others are successful or have good fortune. I really do. I am quick to congratate them. My envy and jealousy always led to self-pity. Now, I am outgrowing these defects. Practicing gratitude has played a huge role in me appreciating what I have instead of always desiring what I do not.

14. We are open-minded enough to listen thoughtfully to the opinions of others and do not become vigorously argumentative when our views are opposed?

Today I am grateful open-mindedness is now in my life. I admit I had to Google the meaning to start with. Listening to the opinions of others? Me? Never! It was my way or the highway and I would vigorously argue until I proved it. Or I would sit in silence and let resentments spin out of control in my mind. Today, I remind myself to accept people for who they are and accept that people’s views and values will differ from mine.

Gratitude List 19/02/2019: Awareness

Gratitude List 19/02/2019

This gratitude list refers to my awareness of a particular struggle I’m going through. At this point, I have an awareness and a desire, but no power. Its about time I held my hands up and admitted defeat again. This powerlessness refers to food, and some (including me) may think ‘oh well, it’s not that bad.’ But there are so many similarities between this and my primary addiction and the concerning fact is the similarities are increasing. I need to be honest with myself and get this down in writing.

Today I am grateful I have a growing awareness of the certain’ trigger’ foods I need to abstain from.

Today I am grateful I have an awareness that despite my growing knowledge of certain trigger foods, I am powerlessness over that first purchase/pick up/bite.

Today I am grateful I have an awareness of my powerlessness over the phenomenon of craving. Once I start I cannot stop.

Today I am grateful I am aware I have crossed that invisible line into compulsive eating. I am now, not a normal eater.

Today I am grateful I have a growing awareness of the insanity around my thinking when it comes to my eating.

Today I am grateful I am aware that my compulsive eating is becoming more secretive. As soon as there’s an opportunity to be alone, my mind starts to get excited about what I can eat. I’ve felt this before!

Today I am grateful I have an awareness that being secretive means I’m being dishonest. Not just on a food front but I’m spending money I shouldn’t too.

Today I am grateful I have an awareness of the lack of fight and will power when it comes to eating.

Today I am grateful I am aware of that feeling of inevitability. Accepting I’ve already done the deed before I have. Truly baffling.

Today I am grateful I have an awareness of what I need to do (recovery, unity and service) and what I need to less of (trying to deal with it by myself).

Today I am grateful this awareness and self-honesty has given me some power. Going to Greggs on my way to work seemed inevitable earlier but I’ve managed to walk past with some fight to spare.