Gratitude List 15/03/2019: Cramping cheeks and sore hands

Gratitude List 15/03/2019

Yesterday I went to a dance festival where my daughter was participating. It was a beautiful evening and I can reflect on it with an abundance of gratitude.

Today I am grateful for all the participants from all the schools. Each group were amazing. The performances were very artistic. It was clear everyone had practiced hard.

Today I am grateful for the people that organised the event. There were tens of schools which meant hundreds of kids and even more (big kids) in terms of over-excited passionate family members :).

Today I am grateful for music and dance. Music in particular never fails to lift my spirits. Mixed with dance just makes it all the better. I need to watch events like this more often.

Today I am grateful they didn’t allow any photography which meant I could completely enjoy the moment. The happiness within my created memories far outweigh anything a photo or video can bring.

Today I’m grateful for my fun, loving, happy, vibrant daughter. She is an absolute blessing and I am very proud to be her father. God I love her smile!

Today I’m grateful for my girlfriend who joined me at the festival. She is without a doubt the best step-mum I can possibly dream of. I saw the pride in her eyes last night, it was very humbling.

Today I am grateful for my cramping cheeks from the constant smile on my face and my sore hands from all the clapping.

Today I am grateful for the absolute joy on the faces of all the kids. They absolutely loved it. You could see how much it meant to them. I’m sure most were saying ‘that was the best day ever!’ I know my daughter was.

Today I am grateful for having my emotions back. At times, it was a bit overwhelming for me as I fought back the soppy dad tears.