Gratitude List 25/01/2019: What do I get?

Gratitude List 25/01/2019

What do I get when I look at this picture?

First and foremost I see an abundance of beauty. I see an array of stunning colours and patterns. Today I am grateful for the blessing of sight.

I see a much greater power than myself. The sun’s energy is clearly evident through it’s heat and light. Powers that I believe I can draw on. Today I am grateful for this connection.

I see that although the colours represent heat, it is bitterly cold outside. Today I am grateful for the warm home this picture was taken from.

I see a miracle that the sun is exactly the right distance away to support life here on Earth. Today I am grateful for this awareness.

I see a reminder that I am but one of billions standing on a planet, amongst thousands of others planets. Today I am grateful for this humility.

I see a city full of opportunities and a freedom to pursue them. In comparison to some, a very safe one too. Today I am grateful I don’t take this for granted.

I see a new dawning, which means I woke up. Today I am grateful to be alive.