Gratitude List 27/02/2019: Definition of a Mature Person Part Three

Gratitude List 27/02/2019

Definition of an Mature Person Part 3 (see part 1 and part 2)

10. We can endure defeat and disappointment without whining or complaining?

Today I am grateful the most positive thing about enduring defeat is I rarely feel defeated. Not in an arrogant ‘I never lose’ way, because I don’t win much either. Plus my football team often get defeated when I don’t expect them too! What I mean is I rarely whine or complain and if I do it doesn’t last long. Wow it used to so different!

11. We do not worry unduly about things that cannot be helped?

Today I am grateful I don’t worry for the right reasons. Before, I didn’t worry about things because I utilised surpression instead, I didn’t have the strength to cope with life’s challenges. Today, I don’t worry because of acceptance. I do my upmost to accept the things I cannot change. I do my best to accept life on life’s terms.

12. We are not given to boasting or “showing off in socially unacceptable ways?

Today I am grateful this has hugely improved. I still occasionally feed my ego and join in with unhealthy banter or gossip, but I do try not too. My boasting has been cut down and replaced with humbleness. I used to crave recognition for everything from everyone. Today I find myself giving praise to others.

13. We are honestly glad when others enjoy success or good fortune. We have outgrown envy and jealousy?

Today I am grateful I do enjoy it when others are successful or have good fortune. I really do. I am quick to congratate them. My envy and jealousy always led to self-pity. Now, I am outgrowing these defects. Practicing gratitude has played a huge role in me appreciating what I have instead of always desiring what I do not.

14. We are open-minded enough to listen thoughtfully to the opinions of others and do not become vigorously argumentative when our views are opposed?

Today I am grateful open-mindedness is now in my life. I admit I had to Google the meaning to start with. Listening to the opinions of others? Me? Never! It was my way or the highway and I would vigorously argue until I proved it. Or I would sit in silence and let resentments spin out of control in my mind. Today, I remind myself to accept people for who they are and accept that people’s views and values will differ from mine.