Gratitude List 26/02/2019: Definition of a Mature Person Part Two.

Gratitude List 26/02/2019

Definition of a Mature Person Part Two. (see part one here Part 1)

5. We meet emergencies with poise?

Today I am grateful this is something I have definitely improved on. For me, I could’ve turned anything into an emergency. I loved to make a mountain out of a molehill! Today, not only do I do not do that, I do seem to be more calm when it comes to pressured situations, including a recent big test.

6. Our feelings are not easily hurt?

Today I am grateful that despite the fact my feelings still get hurt, it’s not as often as before. Sometimes they are hurt easily but when they are, I am aware they shouldn’t be and I can use the tools I’ve gained through recovery to see me through. As a result I respond to any harm (intended or not) so much better than before and less harm is caused in return.

7. We accept the responsibility of our own acts?

Today I am grateful I am quicker to accept responsibility for my acts. Again, I’m no way near perfect but it’s definitely getting better. These days, I tend not to blame everyone else for how I feel. This is hugely down to the fact I learnt where I was to blame in past situations.

8. We have outgrown the “all or nothing” stage, recognising that no person or situation is wholly good or bad and begun to appreciate the Golden Mean?

Today I am grateful I now see the good in people and not only the bad. I used to see so much bad, that even if the good was glaring in my face I would ignore it. This includes the good in myself. As for the Golden Mean, I do feel like I’m living on a more level plane. No more am I riding a corkscrew of a roller-coaster. There’s still ups and downs but it’s more of a caterpillar ride.

9. We are not impatient at unreasonable delays. We have learned that we are not the arbiters of the universe and that we must often adjust to other people and their convenience?

Today I am grateful for my awareness that this needs to be improved. I am still too quick to lose my patience, whether it be with my kids or the traffic. At least I can admit this now and know I’m in the wrong. In the past it was more a case of other people needing to adjust themselves to my convenience. Despite the need for improvement, I’ve come a long way since then.