Gratitude List 22/03/2019: How a single moment has changed my world

Gratitude List 22/03/2019

After yet another buzzing session this morning, my gratitude must reflect on a single moment that occured back in the 1930s.

Today I am grateful that someone suddenly realised that passing on the message to another was essential in his efforts to sustain his own abstinence and recovery. I have no idea why he thought this selfless act was so vital. What if he didn’t have this sudden realisation? What if working the program on a daily basis and his spiritual awakening were enough to keep him from his compulsions? That was a possible scenario wasn’t it? If it had panned out that way, would I even belong to a fellowship? Would I be where I am today, living a life beyond my wildest dreams?

I’d like to believe that this sudden realisation was his God at work, planting a seed of thought which gave him a nudge in the right direction.

What I do know is that thousands upon thousands of people’s lives have changed for the better because of it and I am truly grateful to be one of them. I can confirm that passing on the message to another has proved absolutely vital to my own recovery. There is nothing quite like it. Each session is a truly amazing experience born from a single moment almost 90 years ago.

Everyday, somewhere in the world, another journey into recovery begins. One addict is sitting with another, passing on the same message. As a result, that other person is taking his/her first step. I will be eternally grateful I took mine.

Gratitude List 26/01/2019: Exactly where I should be

Gratitude List 26/01/2019

What if Bill’s brother-in-law took him to a different hospital? One without Dr Silkworth?

What if Rowland and Celebra went to the wrong court house?

What if Bill never answered that call from Ebby?

What if Bill wasn’t compelled to help another alcoholic in Dr Bob?

What if the fellowship didn’t publish the Big Book?

What if there wasn’t a chance meeting in January 1957?

What if the publicity by a prominent newspaper columnist and TV commentator wasn’t favourable?

What if GA decided not to use the 12 Step Program derived from AA?

What if my friends had lent me the money I begged for?

What if ‘Question 20’ was more than just a fleeting thought?

What if I didn’t attend the meeting when I heard that strong message? When the coin finally dropped?

What if my now sponsor wasn’t present to witness my desperation?

I am where I am today because of everything that has happened. The above situations are just a few that have led me to recovery. If just one went differently I may not be enjoying life as much as I am right now. I might still be in action. Furthermore, outside of recovery, millions of scenarios, good and bad, have played out and each one has had a bearing on my current circumstances. I truly believe I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing.

Today I am grateful for my past and where it has taken me.