Gratitude List 22/06/2019

Gratitude List 22/06/2019

Right now, I am exhausted and as a result I am super irritable. Time for some simple gratitude.

Today I am grateful I am not gambling.

Today I am grateful I have nothing to worry about.

Today I am grateful I am not in a rush.

Today I am grateful for the clothes on my back.

Today I am grateful for the food in the fridge.

Today I am grateful for my health.

Today I am grateful for the opportunities I have.

Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather this morning.

Today I am grateful I have plenty to be grateful for.

Today I am grateful I have some answers.

Today I am grateful I am alive, I have my freedom and I have my sanity.

Today I am grateful for each breath.

And hey presto! I feel much better! These gratitude lists, as well as other recovery tools I have gathered along the way, have the ability to change the direction of my day. All I need to do is surrender to God’s will when He plants a thought of action in my head, instead of of surrendering to my own self-will telling me not to bother.

Gratitude List 08/04/2019: Dealing with Fear

Gratitude List 08/04/2019

A great day yesterday full of happiness and serenity surrounded a 15 minute period of fear. Fear is crippling. Whilst in existence, fear can take away that happiness and serenity and replace it with projection, worry and concern. Thankfully, the Recovery Program has given me several tools which allow me to best deal with fear.

My list today relates to these tools. Tools that I lived the majority of my adult life without. Yesterday’s fear was small in comparison to others I have had to deal with and I didn’t need to use all the tools listed below. But even the smallest fears can have a negative effect on my spiritual well-being, so knowing how to rid myself of them is a beautiful thing.

Today I am grateful that through experience I can safely say that fears are rarely what I build them up to be. ‘What was I worried about?’ is often the arising question when reality actually plays its part.

Today I am grateful I am aware of the simple fact that my greater power doesn’t wish fear on me. Therefore, my self-will must have taken the reigns. From that awareness, reconnection to my greater power is essential.

Today I am grateful I have a specific prayer I can utilise in order to hand over any fears that enter my mind. No matter the fear, letting go is an action I can always do. Quite simply, it can be that easy.

Today I am grateful I can close my eyes and meditate in order to connect further and await my greater power’s guidance. The connection takes me out of self-mode. The guidance will invariably lead to further action.

Today I am grateful I can pick up the phone and talk to somebody. Sharing is so helpful with regards to fear. One thing I know for sure – trying to surpress them doesn’t work.

Today I am grateful I can write about it. There is some unexplained magic in getting things down on paper but the simple process means I am admitting the fear to myself. I’m acknowledging it’s existence instead of denying it.

Today I am grateful I can recognise and accept fears that I have no control over. Most of these are either future based or based on the actions of others. Fully accepting there is nothing I can do goes a long way.

Today I am grateful there are times when I can take action. Action that will relieve the fear somewhat – being honest with someone for example or going to the doctors to get checked out. Faith without works dies. My greater power won’t do something I can do myself.

Today I am grateful for the self knowledge I have gained over the last couple of years or so. Knowing Who I Am along with some knowledge of fear itself means I know what to look out for and what part of me played it’s part.

Today I am grateful for the pages within the Big Book that speak of fear. Like the rest of the book, the words make sense to me. I can relate to them entirely. Knowing I’m not alone is vital.

Today I am grateful for the many experiences which have proved the above tools work! Each success adds to the faith I have in their ability to squash fear and return me to serene state of mind.