Gratitude List 21/02/2019: Another new chapter

Gratitude List 21/02/2019

Bearing in mind moving is traditionally known as a stressful time, the last couple of days have been a breeze. It’s been very busy but other than that, it’s gone as well as it could have done.

Today I am grateful for the preparation that went into the move. I’ve never been so prepared for anything. My girlfriend and recovery have been my guiding forces.

Today I am grateful for the relationship I have with my girlfriend. I don’t think we’ve argued or disagreed once during the move. Seems like a miracle to me!

Today I am grateful for how everyone pulled together. We had help from my son, brother and my dad. We’re very lucky to have their support.

Today I am grateful the boxes are being unpacked. The place is starting to take shape and already feels like home.

Today I am grateful for having a garden. The coinciding sunshine has meant a few cups of tea have already been enjoyed outside in the fresh air.

Today I am grateful I was able to reassemble the IKEA Pax wardrobe with only a few f-bombs. Another miracle!!

Today I am grateful thing have begun to slow down, allowing me to venture in town to a meeting. Time for some fellowship and unity.

Gratitude List 20/02/2019: A blessed time

Gratitude List 20/02/2019

An end of an era at our home as we move to pastures new. 90% of our time here has coincided with my two years in recovery so there are many fond memories.

Today I am grateful for the introduction of gratitude at dinner where all four of us say three things we’re grateful for.

Today I am grateful for all the gathering we’ve had with friends and family. Filling the home with unity and togetherness

Today I am grateful for all the happy celebrations – birthdays, Christmases, New Years, Easters…

Today I am grateful for all the lessons I have learnt.

Today I am grateful for all the jokes and pranks shared between us. My son putting salt in my tea was one I remember well!

Today I am grateful for the growth of the relationship between my girlfriend and my children. A lovely little family.

Today I am grateful for the hope this time has given me for our new home.