Gratitude List 13/02/2018 

Gratitude that I am learning to forgive and not resent. 

Gratitude that I am learning to love and not hate.

Gratitude that I am learning to respect and not manipulate.

Gratitude that I am learning to listen and not wait to speak.

Gratitude that I am learning to believe and not fear.

Gratitude that I am learning to accept and not fight.

Gratitude that I am enjoying and not missing.

Gratitude that I am learning to learn and not regret.

Gratitude that I am learning to reach out and not close shop.

Gratitude that I am learning to amend and not destroy. 

A Fresh Start 

Gratitude List 12/02/2018 
Gratitude for positivity and how it uplifts me.

Gratitude for the opportunities to learn from negativity.

Gratitude for my second life. A fresh start.

Gratitude that I am not living numerous lives at the same time. Just for today I will wear one mask.

Gratitude that I try to wait before I speak.

Gratitude that I do not make so many snap decisions.

Gratitude that I more often think of others and not just me, me, me, me, me.

Gratitude that my fears, worries, concerns, problems are miniscule in comparison to what they have been in the past. I sometimes chuckle to myself ‘what am I worrying about!?’

Gratitude that life is great. 

Warmth and Brightness 

Gratitude List 11/02/2018 
To the sun and its warmth and brightness. Everything is that bit more beautiful when it shines.

For the gratitude lists I get to read every day. Inspiring, uplifting and motivating.

For freshly cooked food. Haven’t owned a microwave for almost 2 years and haven’t missed it at all.

For a good night’s sleep. I know some struggle.

The respective health and happiness of everyone I know, as well as my own.

That I have a connection with a higher power. Some days the connection is stronger than others but I have faith it is always there unconditionally if I want it. How strong depend on my efforts.

My phone and the ability it brings to connect with people. Unity in all groups of life is something worth fighting for.

For all the messages and blogs that make me want to be the best person possible. 

Harry Kane 

Gratitude List 10/02/2018 
Gratitude to a lovely evening with my girlfriend and son yesterday.

Gratitude for my daughter’s sleepover at a friend’s last night. Sounds like they had an amazing time.

Gratitude to the Winter Olympics. That’s my next couple of weeks sorted.

Gratitude to Harry Kane. 😉

Gratitude to an increasing ability to stay calm and not get wound up.

Gratitude for my personal recovery and subsequent serenity. Long may it continue.

Gratitude for hindsight and the lessons I can take from it.

Gratitude for my current momentum with my prayers. Stronger, more often, better connection = increased faith.

Gratitude for the higher ground and the courage to stay there.

Gratitude for this list. Missed one yesterday! 

Soooooo lucky! 

Last night my girlfriend said something very loving about my children. In essence she said she appreciates and treasures every second she has with them. I cannot put into words what this meant to me. The below list is my best effort. 
Gratitude List 08/02/2018

That I am truly blessed with the loving relationship they have. 

The fun they have.

The special moments they share. 

My girlfriend’s patience and tolerance.

The complete trust I have when I’m not around.

The positive effect they have on each other.

The smiles on their faces when they know my girlfriend is on her way home from work.

The time I get to be with them.

The love I have for them.

How lucky I am. 

Positive Influence 

Gratitude List… 

Appreciation etc etc etc.

Huge gratitude to all the people who have shown these qualities towards me at some point in my life. I’m sure at certain points I have really tested and pushed people to breaking point. I am grateful that I am now recognising the diligent effort made by others. In turn, these shows of strength have helped inspire me to exercise these positive characteristics myself.

I am 100% certain that none of the above would be the case had it not been for the dethroning of me (the ruler of the universe) and my  monumental ego!