Make it count



Gratitude List 25/07/2018

Today, I was yet again blessed with spectacular views, this time the surroundings of Wasdale Water including England’s tallest mountain Scafell Pike. In the past, if I was able to drag my mind away from my addiction, albeit for just a brief moment, I would have been able to enjoy the sight, sound, and smells of such scenery. Thanks to recovery and practicing meditation (in particular, mindfulness), today I was able to fully take in and appreciate my phenomenal surroundings for a more prolonged time.

Today I am grateful for:

– mindfulness

– my senses

– the present moment

– meditation

– fresh air

– vibrant life

– tranquillity

– colour

– silence

– serenity

– the awe of nature

Not just red

Yes, this is indeed one of the millions of Google Images resulting from a search for ‘red’. The reason for my bland enquiry was there are no matching images when searching – ‘the colour you see when you close your eyes and face the sun’. Clearly, not a surprising result, but anyway I am truly grateful for these blissful moments.

I Choose Happiness

Gratitude List 27/02/2018

The choice to tell someone I love them.

The choice not to join in with the banter.

The choice to ask someone how they are doing and then properly listen to their answer.

The choice to not criticise.

The choice to tell someone they have done well.

The choice not to judge.

The choice to tell someone they look well.

The choice to focus on the positives.

The choice to do something for someone – without them asking.

The choice to be unconditionally nice no matter what.

The choice to work on my ‘self’.


What Lies Ahead

Gratitude List 26/02/2018

On this bitterly cold winters day how can I not be grateful for….

My home – the insulated walls breaking the wind, the carpeted floor and the roof over my head. Central heating at the flick of a switch. A large thick duvet. Hot food. (my oven). Hot water. (my kettle, my boiler). My hat, scarf, gloves and coat.

That my hard days aren’t that hard.

That I don’t really have anything to complain about.

That my day has a plan, some structure, some permanence.

That my day is full of possibilities and opportunities.

That I am not alone.

That my day doesn’t solely rely on hope and the help of others.

That I have an idea of what lies ahead.

That I can say with some confidence that I will get through the day.

That I know where I will rest my head tonight.


Gratitude List 25/02/2018

Gratitude for an amazing trip away.

For the perfect travel companion. We share so many interests. Thankfully, she dislikes shopping too!

For being in the sky, amongst the beautiful clouds.

For being closer to the sun. Although its only 38,000 feet closer I believe I can draw more from its undoubted power.

That I am sitting in a miracle of engineering.

The views of the land below, in particular the coastlines and the Pyrénées.

To the time, effort and dedication undertaken by the pilot.

The service and smiles of the staff.

The fact we’re flying from one great city to another.

My upbringing and education along with everyone who has supported me in my life thus far. Without them I’d have no job. Without a job I’d have no money. Without money I wouldn’t be on this flight.

Fit For a King

Gratitude List 24/02/2018

An amazing day in rural Catalonia. Traditional food cooked in a traditional way on a farm with a mountainous backdrop. Bliss.

Cool but beautiful weather.

A feast fit for a King. Enjoyed with beautiful and incredibly generous people.

Knowing we can come back and visit again and again and again.

Aeroplanes. Its still seems a miracle to me that they get off the floor!!!

My girlfriend’s open-mindedness and willingness to change.

Central heating, we had one day without it. It wasn’t even that cold but it was cold enough to make it uncomfortable.

Farmers and the hard work they put in to provide food on our table.

A week without TV. Its amazing what can be achieved without the distractions.

Music and the attached memories.