Gratitude List 30/05/2019: Magical book

Gratitude List 30/05/2019

Direct lifts from a magical little book.

*”Questions and Answers about the problem of Compulsive Gambling and the GA Recovery Programme”*

Today I am grateful for the word ‘and’.

*”11. Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling?”*

Today I am grateful for this particular question, for me the answer hits home hard.

*”The fellowship of Gamblers Anononymous is the outgrowth of a chance meeting…..”*

Today I am grateful for that “chance meeting”. Little did they know.

*”…. compulsive gambling is an illness, progressive in its nature, which can never be cured, but can be arrested.”*

Today I am grateful for the words “never”, “but” and “can”.

*”Many GA members went through terrifying experiences…….”*

Today I am grateful I am one of “many”, I was not alone.

*”…. small bet experiments, always with disastrous results.”*

Today I am grateful for the word “always”.

*”Most of us feel that a belief in a power greater than ourselves is necessary in order for us to sustain a desire to refrain from gambling.”*

Today I am grateful I am one of “us”.

*”These same people have often found the GA programme a guide to spiritual progress towards the elimination of character defects.”*

Today I am grateful I have “found” the same.

*”How does a person stop gambling through the GA programme?”*

Today I am grateful this – the most important question is in the book….. Followed by the answer.

*”They enable us and thousands of others to lead happy, productive lives.”*

Today I am grateful to be one of the “thousands”.

I could’ve done a whole list on just the first couple of pages. Maybe I will one day. An amazing book, and once I started to REALLY read it and take it in, the words sprung off the page and opened my eyes, heart and mind to this fellowship And programme.