Every Single Bite 

Gratitude List 30/01/2018 

That my worries are ‘nothing to worry about’.

My improved self-esteem

That I am currently in no pain.

My appreciation of beauty and the simple fact I now acknowledge it in the first place.

Although I often have to remind myself, I am grateful for every single bite of food and every single sip of water.

That no matter what,  it can always be worse.

For my sanity.

Criticism, experiences, mistakes, failures and challenges. Respectively I can learn from them all.

The time I get to spend with the people I love and have fun with.

For everyone who has shown me tolerance, consideration and understanding.

A New Beginning 

I wrote my first gratitude list in February 2017 at the age of 39. Since then I have tried to find gratitude in whoever, wherever, whenever and whatever. For too long had I taken the simple things for granted. Almost a year later I now find myself appreciating a wide variety of things such as clean water and my freely given miracle of sight. This way of thinking has assisted in the transformation of the way I currently perceive and live my life. I have set up this blog with the intention of sharing gratitude on a daily basis. Today I have gratitude for gratitude. May you find gratitude too.