Gratitude List 01/04/2019: The simple truth

Gratitude List 01/04/2019

Today I am grateful I accept my addiction for what it is – an illness. Just like some other illnesses, my addiction can never be cured. It will never go away. I have it for life. It will never ease in its potency, instead it will progressively get worse. Will-power alone will never overpower my illness (No matter how hard I try). My illness can and has lead others to insanity, prison and death.


Today I am also grateful there is a solution. A solution that requires diligent effort, but a solution that works. A solution that is watertight. No matter how much my illness progresses, the solution will always be stronger – as long as I work it. How much do I want it? Am I worth it? Damn right I am. Thankfully, within the solution are powers greater than myself, powers stronger than my illness. Powers that can arrest the incurable on a day-to-day basis. Powers that I can rely on if I honestly and humbly seek them. Powers that enable me to live a happy and joyous life despite of my illness. A solution that has worked for thousands and thousands of others. My illness does not need to be cured – I do!

Gratitude List 22/02/2019: Greater Powers

Gratitude List 22/02/2019

I hope this makes sense…. There’s a point in there somewhere…

Came to believe in power greater than myself. The second step in the program and one I used to stumble on.

Step one was far easier – admitting I was powerless over my addiction and that my life had become unmanageable. But by completing step one, hadn’t I already acknowledged a power greater than myself – my addiction? I’m not suggesting that anyone should hand their lives over to their compulsions, that’s what got me into trouble in the first place. But what of the polar opposite – recovery? In my own experience recovery has overpowered my addiction, it is stronger. Therefore the concept of ‘recovery’ can definitely be one of my greater powers. Recovery is a God of my own understanding. Like my addiction, recovery has given me experiences I never thought possible, so making a decision to turn my will over to the concept of ‘recovery’ is an easy choice and one I have faith in.

My addiction is but one of the many things I can struggle with. My life was unmanageable because of them. Each of them can overpower me if my spiritual connection is low. But today I am grateful for the fact that every negative has an opposite which is positive and even more powerful. I am therefore, surrounded by things that are more powerful than me.

Where there’s addiction there is recovery.

Where there is insanity there is sanity.

Where there is fear there is serenity.

Where there is isolation there is unity.

Where there is self there is selfless.

Where there is dishonesty there is sincerity.

Where there is arrogance there is humility.

Where there’s hate there is love.

Where there is a rock bottom there is hope.

Where there is death there is life.

I would happily get down on my knees and pray to any of them. And do it with a faith that help will come.