Tradition 1 – Our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends upon Unity.

Now read it again. And again.

Sounds like Unity is vital, but what does unity actually mean. Here are some quotes and definitions that have helped me understand the meaning of unity.

“The state of being united or joined as a whole.” – Oxford dictionary

“It’s the opposite of being divided.” – vocabulary.com

“We must hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” – Benjamin Franklin

“That no personal sacrifice is too great for preservation of the fellowship. He learns that the clamour of desires and ambitions within him must be silenced whenever these could damage the group. It becomes plain that the group must survive or the individual will not.” – Twelve and Twelve

Gratitude List 02/05/2019: Never alone

Gratitude List 02/05/2019

Today I am grateful I am not alone and as a result I do not have to deal with everything by myself.

Today I am grateful I have a sponsor who I trust and respect in so many ways.

Today I am grateful for my sponsees who have no idea what their recovery and regular contact does for me.

Today I am grateful I have an abundance of like minded fellows, all of whom I feel comfortable opening up to.

Today I am grateful I have my girlfriend, who as a result of our honest relationship, is always willing to lend an understanding and supporting ear.

Today I am grateful to have a family, all of whom live close by. Again, my openness means I can reach out to them.

Today I am grateful to have friends outside the fellowship. There are a few special people I have known for a long time, true friends I can confide in.

Today I am grateful I have God in my life. A power greater than me who’s guidance and strength is always there if and when I seek it.

Today I am grateful I feel part of mankind. I see life all around me and feel connected to it. In truth, I’m never alone.

Today I am grateful I have what I have. I have felt what it’s like to have no one to turn to, no one to understand, no one to support, no one to guide, no one to believe in. I witness others struggling with the same feeling- there’s no outlet for them, if only they had what I have laid at my feet. I am truly blessed.

Gratitude List 10/03/2019

Gratitude List 10/03/2019

A combination of recovery, unity and service, along with the guidance from powers greater than I, have given me a completely new life. I still have to pinch myself. As a result, I get to experience so many positive emotions.

Sometimes I do forget. I forget where I’ve come from and these emotions come and go without me acknowledging them. Without me appreciating them. With life going on around me, it’s only natural. But today I am aware of them. Aware I am experiencing emotions my illness used to deny me.

Today I am grateful for love.

Today I am grateful for serenity.

Today I am grateful for happiness.

Today I am grateful for fun.

Today I am grateful for kindness.

Today I am grateful for humility.

Today I am grateful for togetherness.

Today I am grateful for clear thinking.

Today I am grateful for amusement.

Today I am grateful for pride (of others).

Today I am grateful for gratefulness.

Gratitude List 21/02/2019: Another new chapter

Gratitude List 21/02/2019

Bearing in mind moving is traditionally known as a stressful time, the last couple of days have been a breeze. It’s been very busy but other than that, it’s gone as well as it could have done.

Today I am grateful for the preparation that went into the move. I’ve never been so prepared for anything. My girlfriend and recovery have been my guiding forces.

Today I am grateful for the relationship I have with my girlfriend. I don’t think we’ve argued or disagreed once during the move. Seems like a miracle to me!

Today I am grateful for how everyone pulled together. We had help from my son, brother and my dad. We’re very lucky to have their support.

Today I am grateful the boxes are being unpacked. The place is starting to take shape and already feels like home.

Today I am grateful for having a garden. The coinciding sunshine has meant a few cups of tea have already been enjoyed outside in the fresh air.

Today I am grateful I was able to reassemble the IKEA Pax wardrobe with only a few f-bombs. Another miracle!!

Today I am grateful thing have begun to slow down, allowing me to venture in town to a meeting. Time for some fellowship and unity.