Eye Opener

Below is an extract from today’s Hazelden Inspiration

Sept. 18 – Eye Opener (1950)

A deep stab wound must heal from within outward, or fresh tissue would grow over the lip of the wound and prevent the necessary drainage from beneath. Blood poisoning would set in and the poison would circulate through the entire body.

Human improvement works the same way. If it is only a surface cure, the poison remains in the heart and mind, affecting our entire life, and unless oral surgery is resorted to, our characters become infected.

The AA Program is moral surgery, wherein we remove sick and diseased thoughts and actions from deep within ourselves and thus become entirely healed.

Freddie Mercury

Today I took a trip down memory lane and watched some videos of the 1992 Freddie Mercury tribute concert. I ended up feeling old as this was almost 26 years ago to the day!!! But is this possibly the best concert ever?? The main man wasn’t there but what a line-up!!

Where else has an unlikely combination like Elton and Axel worked so well? Although I have to say David Bowie and Annie Lennox stole the show for me.

Bowie and Lennox – Under Pressure

When you think of the absolute musical legends that have passed away since, it goes to show that Freddie was in a class of his own. I am truly grateful for the place music has in my life. One of my favourite past-times is to go to concerts and this is one I wish I had.